We Don’t Make Hasty Plea Deals

Clients confronted with a criminal charge can be sure that Cripps & Silver Law won't settle for a guilty plea just to take the easy route. No, at our Detroit-based law firm, our excellent attorneys are always ready and prepared to face the prosecution for you. We understand that our clients' lives and liberties are in our hands and our goal is to ensure that you are treated fairly in the eyes of the law.

Whether you've been charged with carjacking, kidnapping, fraud or anything else, know that our attorneys can and will provide you with the strong defense you need. For reliable legal advice call 313-887-4737 to speak directly with one of our qualified attorneys about your circumstances.

We Are Client-Centered And Determined

The attorneys of Cripps & Silver Law have represented clients charged with criminal offenses from all over Michigan at the state and federal level. Our approach to every case is client-centered, and our lawyers are determined to do everything within their means to assist clients with their legal concerns. With extensive experience in conducting criminal defense trials, we can advise clients with the following criminal offenses and more:

  • Sexual assault
  • Criminal sexual conduct
  • Homicide
  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Drug possession/distribution
  • All firearms and weapons offenses
  • All drunk driving offenses

If convicted of a misdemeanor or other more serious crimes, you could be looking at heavy penalties and even jail time. With Cripps & Silver Law, our clients will have access to resourceful lawyers that can help them explore their legal options.

We Offer You Solid Representation

We want our clients to know the importance of having solid representation for their unique situations. Even with a misdemeanor there are future implications that can affect employment and housing opportunities. If you are being charged with any criminal offense, it's crucial that you reach out to Cripps & Silver Law at 313-887-4737 or use our online form to see how one of our attorneys can guide you today. The initial consultation is always free and weekend hours are available to our clients by appointment for added convenience.