Should I Appeal My Case?

If you believe that an error has occurred during your trial or that the law may have been misinterpreted, then speak with an attorney from Cripps & Silver Law today. Filing an appeal is complex and not every case may be entitled to an appeal. We highly recommend that you do not proceed on your own. Instead, speak with one of our attorneys over the phone at 313-887-4737 for legal guidance today. We can help you determine if your case qualifies and how you should move forward.

Our Capable Attorneys Can Handle Your Appeal

Whether you are appealing your case at the state or federal level, our lawyers can provide you with the strong representation you need. Cripps & Silver Law has served clients from Detroit's metro area and the state of Michigan for over two decades and we continue to use our extensive experience to advise clients on how best to approach an appeal. Our attorneys can capably handle direct and collateral appeals to both state and federal courts. If there is a legal basis for an appeal, have confidence that we will find and pursue it.

We Will Guide You Throughout The Appeals Process

Once a client begins an appeal process with us, our attorneys will work closely to ensure that the proper transcripts and records are reviewed. We'll meet with clients at our office or wherever they are located to do an initial consultation and proceed to evaluate our options before filing an appeal to the correct court. At Cripps & Silver Law, our lawyers are here and ready to assist you from start to finish.

Take The Next Steps Today

Once ready to challenge a conviction, you should immediately reach out to Cripps & Silver Law at 313-887-4737. Depending on your circumstances, you may be required to file your appeal within a certain time frame. Let one of our attorneys assist you with this process to ensure that your appeal is properly submitted. Call or use our online form to schedule a free consultation today.