Why Cripps & Silver for Criminal Defense in Michigan?

The Criminal Defense team at Cripps & Silver Law has successfully represented clients across the state charged with misdemeanor and felony activities including but not limited to parole revocation hearings, driver’s license restoration, appeals, MIPs, DWIs, sexual assault, robbery, drug possession, homicide, weapons charges, arson, and theft. Experienced litigators, David Cripps and Gabi Silver are the team you want in your court when facing criminal charges.

Gabi Silver’s clients know that she has “got their back.” After practicing law for nearly 30 years, Ms. Silver has earned a reputation among peers and clients that is unparalleled in the criminal defense arena.

A dynamic combination of compassion and smarts is what sets Silver apart from other attorneys. Her modus operandi is “clients first;” each case matters and this is why she gets results every time.

There is no question that David Cripps loves a challenge. In the last 30 years, Cripps has conducted more than 1000 criminal defense (capital and non-capital) jury trials, each time providing aggressive, relentless representation, going after the best outcome for his clients.

Mr. Cripps’ clients feel highly satisfied that he did “everything possible.” The prosecution knows that Cripps will never “settle;” he is always prepared for the fight and, as a result is able to secure better outcomes for his clients.